The Banker
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The Banker (2020)

The Banker

Don’t pay the man. Be the man. 2020/3/6 120 min.


It was hard for me to decide on the movie that I wanted to watch next. I would choose one by The Banker, but I was debating with myself about the movie. I watched Serita a Triste from 1997, a sequel to an earlier film that I liked. I did not know if I would like the sequel so I decided to check out the movie again.

"The Banker" is based on the true story of Martin Beniston, a banker in Belgium who was in charge of fixing the stock market. He could not stop the spread of rumours and instead he tried to calm down the people and try to convince them that they were getting the wrong end of the stick. They misunderstood his intentions and it ended in a disastrous situation for him.

The movie started as a simple story of a misfit who was a pawn in the hands of people he met on his job. As the story goes, the guy's wife was raped and killed. And it's easy to see why the people around him would come to be mistrustful of him.

The movie has some suspense and many twists and turns. But you will also find the story almost funny, and the bank manager manages to sort things out, although at times his attempts at dealing with the people were just too much. The main character, who gets to fly around the world while investigating the case, is the film's star.

The movie could have gone a different direction if not for its ensemble cast. You have Ben Stiller as the lawyer and Sean Penn as the criminologist. What impressed me the most was Tilda Swinton's role as the villain. She plays the role well and she even cracks a few jokes during her scene.

The movie has good acting and it had me glued to the screen, even when I had to wait for the ending. I would definitely recommend this movie to those who are looking for something different from the usual war movies that you get. The Banker will give you an experience that will have you wanting to see more and it will definitely leave you hungry for more action packed movies to come.

The movie is available on Google Movies and it is available in various other platforms too. If you are not able to watch it on the internet, then you can watch it on DVD, Bluray or VCD. In fact, if you want to get the same experience as I did, you can also download it from iTunes as a free download.

A movie that will keep you hooked all the way, the Banker is definitely the movie that you should watch. Is it the great acting or the strong storyline, The Banker is sure to make you have a satisfying time.

Original title The Banker
TMDb Rating 7.4 112 votes

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