Lost Girls
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Lost Girls (2020)

Lost Girls

2020/3/13 95 min.


Released in 2020, Lost Girls was a big hit in Japan and Hollywood. The movie centered on the high school experience in Japan and its role in the lives of its students. The movie had great reviews in the West and many people who watched it were turned into fans of the Japanese import series.

The movie's storyline has been updated for a 2020 release but there is no doubt that it will be a great one. The changes are minor compared to the major revisions made to the first season and the overall plot is just as exciting as ever.

Two separate groups of high school students, the Four Color and the White Fragrance, both have their own perspective of the same High School student: Amane Tatsumi. She is the star of the show as she battles against a powerful dark spirit called Ache. While she is surrounded by her peers, a group of Dark Team members lead by the White Fragrance are also trying to get their hands on Ache. There are some interesting twists to the story.

The cast is much bigger this time around and it is not surprising to see the top actors from Lost Girls reprise their roles. One of the biggest changes for the series is the replacement of Taku Iwasaki as director of the series. It is said that a new director is taking over. But, because of her experience in the Harry Potter movies, a new script writer is used in place of Iwasaki.

Aside from a new director, the theme of the movie is still the same: a group of young girls and their journey for friendship and learning while traveling with their main characters. However, they still meet many dangers along the way that could potentially endanger their lives.

Online streaming is a part of the movie's attraction, because of the wide availability of the movie. Watching the movie is easier now with the availability of streaming. A lot of fans who have been loyal to the online version of the show have already acquired Lost Girls on streaming sites such as Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Another thing that appeals to Lost Girls fans is the fact that the new plot line in Lost Girls was created by another director. There are still some variations in the original story, which are detailed in the movie. The basic plot is similar though and will still appeal to the Lost Girls fan base.

Lost Girls will have a long life as an anime series because of the amount of love it has gathered. It has been at the top of Japanese anime ranking for years now and continues to be the best-selling anime series in Japan. Its success is shown in the number of foreign fans who have watched the movie and enjoyed it.

Original title Lost Girls
TMDb Rating 6.2 201 votes

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