Marriage Story
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Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story

Where there's a love, there's a way. 2019/11/6 137 min.


Netflix's commitment to author cinema is firm: this is demonstrated by films such as Rome,The Irishman or the Untitled Noah Baumbach Project, to name three examples of films that are very different from each other but with a strong identification seal, which have also aroused the applause unanimous criticism, watch now Untitled Noah Baumbach Project to understand why,

In the case at hand, in addition, we are likely to face the most mature and best articulated work of Noah Baumbach, whose previous film The Meyerowitz Stories was also funded by Netflix, by the way. Part of its charm is due to the fact that he writes and directs the film narrating the tortuous process of separation of a couple, something that he already dealt with in a film for which he was nominated for an Oscar in 2005: A Brooklyn Story, inspired so much by divorce from his parents as in his own separation from actress Jennifer Jason Leigh.

And it is clear that he has left some of himself in Untitled Noah Baumbach Project, because it makes your hair stand on end, getting the heartbreaking story to get you deep inside.

The film takes us to meet Nicole (played by the beatiful Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver), a couple in crisis who goes to a therapy that is unsuccessful in their willingness to rescue the relationship.

She is an actress, and recently had to leave her promising career based on the commercial style of cinema and start working in the theater company of her husband, a booming independent theater director from whom she is now divorcing.

There are still many things that unite them, among which is his son Henry. The spectators will witness how the couple is completely broken while both undertake the bitter path of the courts to elucidate who owns the custody of the child. Life goes on, however, and both have to try to rebuild the pieces of their lives, already separately.

The story of a marriage has a wonderful cast headed by Adam Driver Scarlett Johansson. What they do on this occasion, surpasses previous roles: it is something really worthy of praise and applause Baumbach squeezes them to the fullest in long sequences in which they have to defend texts that are not simple while even taking advantage of their talent to sing or to introduce some humorous elements that act as relaxation.

Dern and Liotta are the two sides of the same coin and come to put face to the insatiable and nothing scrupulous lawyers who come to tares by dividing and ruining a family for their own benefit in the most impure way raising a moral sufficiency as exclusive as divisive. Result: in a courtroom there are no good people: only vermin distributing the remains of the body between them.

At the level of realization, Untitled Noah Baumbach Project is a film in simple appearance, but very well defined to understand the two characters in liza and their views. You cannot say that the script judges the characters, since it is easy to get into the skin of both and perceive the difficulties they face as well as the misunderstandings and small betrayals that lead them to face more and more, watch it now and comprobe it.

The film makes you laugh with them, that you feel sorry for their situation and understand them, but also that you see, from the outside, their great mistakes and the point of no return, which means that among them there is also a small child who inevitably çalso becomes a conflict. It is an open heart dissection in which at some point you empathize with them in such an intimate way, that you cannot prevent the plot from plowing you.

Original title Marriage Story
TMDb Rating 7.9 2822 votes

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