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RocknRolla (2019)


2019/12/6 115 min.
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Kirill Nenashev
Kirill Nenashev



Konstantin Stupin or just Stupa - rock-n-roller from Orel. He is 44 years old, we take him out of the madhouse and start making a film. Stupa in the last years of the existence of the USSR, as a schoolboy, decided to make music. He became the leader of the Oryol group Night cane: performances at school with songs about hell, sex, drugs, with texts like “take the Communist Party forgotten by everyone, drop two letters and get the SS”. Then the big scenes of the city and, as a result, the “Festival of Hopes”, organized by Artemy Troitsky, where the Night Cane, being the only non-Moscow group, receives a prize of audience sympathy. The texts for the festival have already become different, much deeper and more serious, but with constant protest in content and form.

Original title Ступа
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