Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation
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Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation (2019)

Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation

2019/12/21 N/A min.


The movie Kamen Rider: The Movie 'Kamen Rider: The Movie, Movie Battle Ride. is the third movie of the second part of the first season. it tells the story about the character Reiwa, his rival and their connections with the villain Beavis. It also tells the story about the three main characters, Yuu Kiba, Kiichiro Kawaguchi and Naomi Mizaki and the four new faces.

The Movie Kamen Rider: The Movie, Movie Battle Ride. is based on the Japanese version of the Shueisha comic series called 'Shonen Kamen Rider'. It has been drawn by Masato Kurata. It tells the story about Reiwa the first generation who is a rookie Kamen Rider.

As the movie begins, he finds his sister dead from an accident when she runs into the street without any adult supervision. The police call in the giant Isao Kaga to help Reiwa identify the cause of death. The next day, they are asked to accompany by Yuu on a high school girl festival. During their trip, he receives a strange ring from the girl of the festival.

On their way back, the girl shows him a mysterious document and asks him for its authenticity. In the document, it shows that "Natsumi", the representative of the famous villain "Beavis" was involved in the murder of another girl and needs Reiwa's help to figure out who did it.

At the school, Reiwa finds that the "best boy fairies" are kidnapping and torturing the students and his sister and he gets worried for her safety. However, the new student at the school named Natsumi realizes that Reiwa's ring and the papers were given toher by the God (the hero of the serial 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs') of the fairy race.

Later, the 'God' asks Reiwa to become a High School Hero in order to find and defeat the Beavis. The new student is the supposed god and the one she wants to help is the Kamen Rider in the form of Yuu. Together, they face the evil Beavis, at the same time saving the princesses and recovering the papers. After this, Reiwa asks you to give the ring back to her as he will no longer be a hero.

Yuu agrees and after they return to the girl fairies, he is asked to become the Kamen Rider. He does not agree, because he is already prepared to become a hero. However, as he prepares to become the Hero, he is trapped by an evil wizard and transformed into a monster.

The movie Kamen Rider: The Movie, Movie Battle Ride. was released in the Summer of 2020 and also shows the other Kamen Riders and the good ending of the first season. You can watch this movie online in HD format.

Original title 仮面ライダー 令和 ザ・ファースト・ジェネレーション
TMDb Rating 5.5 2 votes

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