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For some time now we are in an era when it seems that remakes, superheroes, terror or musicals seem to have caught the interest of the public. Marginalizing at times the genre of comedy for adults.

But it is true that from time to time we find titles that surprise us, and this is the case of Good Boys carried out by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who offer us a new title to add to that shortlist of comedies that stand out in the genre.

And perhaps in principle the general premise of this film does not surprise, because we have already seen it countless times in the cinema, since it is structured as a typical story of people of legal age, but what makes it special and different is that it's not about teenagers who graduate and then start their lives as adults. Instead, it deals with themes and challenges typical of adolescence, and although there are recognizable themes and arcs of characters, which we usually find familiar, we will find a breath of fresh and reused air with a new context, and the film takes place in some unique and hilarious scenarios.

Max (Jacob Tremblay), has been invited to his first kiss party, but there is a problem: he has never kissed anyone and does not know how to do it. So he will count on the invaluable help of his two best friends, Thor (Brady Noon) and Lucas (Keith L. Williams). So Max decides to his father's drone —which is forbidden to use— to spy on a couple who is giving the lot. But, the plan cannot get worse and the drone does not survive that "important" mission, so they are determined to try to make the change before Max's father (Will Forte) arrive home, so that these three friends will embark on an odyssey that will lead them to get involved in the world of drugs, and will even be persecuted by the police and terrifying teenagers.

The main concern that the viewer feels before this premise is that the film could be playing the same note over and over again, more specifically that children get into situations and end up always involved in things they do not fully understand. But while there is a lot of comedy in that atmosphere, and Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky really know what keys to play to expand beyond and legitimately explore the experience of being 12 years old.

Starting with simple things, such as the protagonists see a bike ride to the mall as an incredibly long trip or believing that drinking in three sips a beer makes you an alcoholic, but it also delves surprisingly on issues such as the motivations behind relationships that you develop at that age.

Also, as the story progresses we will have been given great laughs during Good Boys, while our protagonists are maturing and trying to get to know broadly things of the adult world. And as touching as it may seem, it is a comedy and the film has fantastic and memorable sequences. Like when Max, Thor, and Lucas try to cross a highway, or get in the middle of a paintball battle in a fraternity house, but we also find simpler situations, such as when we see children without knowing it, discovering a large inventory of sex toys or facing an off-duty cop (Sam Richardson) in a store while buying beer. Playing with the rhythms and intensities without deviating too much from reality, and that is consistently fun.

Finally, and without a doubt, the public moves in many directions when it comes to entertainment, but Good Boys is a film that deserves the experience of enjoying it from the cinema.

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