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Purpose of Reunion (2015)

Purpose of Reunion

2015/8/6 100 min.
Average: 6.5 (4 votes)
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Jung Dae-man
Jung Dae-man


Jo In-woo is Dong-cheol  (동철)
Jo In-woo
Dong-cheol (동철)
Kim Yoo-yeon is Yoo-jin  (μœ μ§„)
Kim Yoo-yeon
Yoo-jin (μœ μ§„)
Lee Hyeon-seong is Sang-joon  (상쀀)
Lee Hyeon-seong
Sang-joon (상쀀)
Kim Neul-me is Maeng-hoon  (λ§Ήν›ˆ)
Kim Neul-me
Maeng-hoon (λ§Ήν›ˆ)
Yoo Seung-hyun is Yeong-mi  (영미)
Yoo Seung-hyun
Yeong-mi (영미)
Choi Go-eun is Mal-ja  (말자)
Choi Go-eun
Mal-ja (말자)
Lee Hyeon-joo is Soon-jeong (μˆœμ •)
Lee Hyeon-joo
Soon-jeong (μˆœμ •)
Lee Chang-soo is Alumnus 2 (동창2)
Lee Chang-soo
Alumnus 2 (동창2)
Kim Si-jin is Alumnus 4 (동창4)
Kim Si-jin
Alumnus 4 (동창4)
Kim Eun-bi is BAR employee 2 (BAR직원2)
Kim Eun-bi
BAR employee 2 (BAR직원2)


Dongchul, who is managing a small bar, is always obsessed on his school reunions. One day, Yujin, who has in no way confirmed as much as a reunion, suggests up at his bar. Her infant face and energy make her unlike different married ladies and all of the men fall for her, specifically Dongchul. They start a relationship however it all at once flames out due to the sudden arrival of Dongchul’s wife. As they get to recognise every other's secrets, will their love be allowed to develop?

Original title λ™μ°½νšŒμ˜ λͺ©μ 
TMDb Rating 6.5 4 votes

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