The Green Mile
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The Green Mile (1999)

The Green Mile

Miracles do happen. 1999/12/10 189 min.


In the year of 1935, Paul Edgecomb works as a guard in a prison in the south of the country, being in charge of what they call The Green Mile, a corridor that connects the death row cells of the room where they have the electric chair.

But the prison routine is altered by the arrival of a huge black sentenced for killing two girls.
This man, behind the naivety with which he acts, has a supernatural gift that is soon discovered by Edgecomb.

We begin in Alucine to get to know the work of director Frank Darabont, with one of his emblematic films: The Green Mile Mile, from 1999.

Based on a story by the horror master Stephen King and with a script written by Darabont himself, The Green Mile is a whole movie that despite the virtues that adorn it, is not the best of the director, surpassing a previous one that sure all we will know by its history and especially by its protagonists, Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. We refer, of course, to Life imprisonment (The Shawshank Redemption).

Stephen King has seen adapting more than thirty long works of his to the cinema, but this one that we have commented has been the highest grossing of all, going from the 100 million dollars at the box office only in the USA without counting what was obtained in other countries of the world.

The Green Mile is a very well-made film, which has a magnificent cast of actors headed by Tom Hanks and David Morse, who recreate the events that live on The Green Mile after three hours after John's arrival. Coffey, a gigantic man of color who expects to be executed in the old Sparks after being declared, unjustly, author of the murder of two twin sisters of a few years, watch now the movie and see what's all the fuss about.

The film has been criticized for some slowness and being too tearful, which for some make the three long hours of the film become unbearable.

But that seems to be of some, because The Green Mile is really very well done, superbly narrated and is shown in detail by the interpretation so fantastic that all its actors have.
We have to say that from the first minute we begin to enter the amazing plot that unfolds in prison, and we can see it at once without detracting from a single sequence.

See if The Green Mile is good, that when it was released, the public, critics and even the author of the story, Stephen King, liked it very much, he declared that he was really very satisfied with the adaptation that Frank Darabont had made; We must not forget that he wrote his script in addition to directing it, so that this man again showed that he knows how to make films and finding ourselves in the case that when his name appears involved in some new film project, critics and the public already guess that there will be excellent production in between.

The Green Mile has notwithstanding the fact that many people do not know it, nor know who directed it, and less what actors interpret it.The truth is that in the filmography of Darabont himself, as we have said, and of the Cast actors, almost in the case of all but especially Tom Hanks, this film is not the best, but seeing it in these conditions holds a surprise for fans of good cinema of the genre. The Green Mile had a magnificent photograph and an excellent soundtrack, being nominated for 4 Oscars the following year, for Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best Film and Best Sound, not getting any, but it won three Saturn Award granted to the Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Michael Clarke Duncan) and Best Supporting Actress (Patricia Clarkson), being also nominated for Best Director and Best Music. It also obtained many other awards, watch online the movie and enjoy this classic masterpiece.

In short, The Green Mile is a real must for fans of Darabont, Stephen King and Tom Hanks, and for any good fan who wants to see an excellent three-hour movie (which they know little) that is a masterpiece.
Of course it is another cantidata to be part of our personal video library.

Original title The Green Mile
TMDb Rating 8.5 9653 votes

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