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Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (1994)

Police Academy: Mission to Moscow

Just when we thought the Cold War was over, leave it to these guys to heat it up again. 1994/6/9 83 min.
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Alan Metter
Alan Metter


George Gaynes is Eric Lassard
George Gaynes
Eric Lassard
G. W. Bailey is Thaddeus Harris
G. W. Bailey
Thaddeus Harris
Leslie Easterbrook is Debbie Callahan
Leslie Easterbrook
Debbie Callahan
Michael Winslow is Larvelle Jones
Michael Winslow
Larvelle Jones
David Graf is Eugene Tackleberry
David Graf
Eugene Tackleberry
Ron Perlman is Konstantine Konali
Ron Perlman
Konstantine Konali
Charlie Schlatter is Cadet Kyle Connors
Charlie Schlatter
Cadet Kyle Connors
Christopher Lee is Commandant Rakov
Christopher Lee
Commandant Rakov
Claire Forlani is Katrina
Claire Forlani
Andrey Annenskiy is Little Russian Boy with Bike
Andrey Annenskiy
Little Russian Boy with Bike


The Russians need help in managing the Mafia and so that they are seeking for help with the veterans of the Police Academy. They head off to Moscow, which will locate evidence in opposition to Konstantin Konali, who marketed a laptop recreation that everyone in the world is playing.

Original title Police Academy: Mission to Moscow
TMDb Rating 4.4 413 votes

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