Big Trouble in Little China
Big Trouble in Little China (1986)

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Adventure doesn't come any bigger! 1986/5/30 99 min.


Big Trouble in Little China.

This Hollywood martial arts comedy starring Kurt Russell, directed by John Carpenter, produced by Larry J. Franco and written by Gary Goldman; It is a crazy fantasy adventure through the Chinatown of the city of San Francisco.

It has a leading cast formed by the aforementioned Kurt Russell playing the lead role as Jack Burton; Dennis Dun as Wang Chi, Kim Cattrall as Grace Law, James Hong David Lo Pan, Kate Burton as Margo Litzenberger, Victor Wong as Egg Shen, Donald Lee as Eddie Lee, Peter Kwong as Rain, Carter Wong as Thunder, James Pax as Lightning, Chao-Li Chi as Uncle Chu, Suzee Pai as Miao Yin and Jeff Imada as Needles.

The tape was released on July 2, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-six, and by that time I collected the sum of eleven million dollars.

Jack Burton is a truck driver with a very particular attitude, he is a rude, rude and rather noisy subject, he likes to get attention wherever he arrives; He is unfulfilled with his work and addicted to gambling, especially Mahjong, an Asian chip game similar to dominoes.

Jack finally manages to win a game for his friend Wang Chi, and strips him of a good amount of money; to make sure that he will get his payment; Jack accompanies Chi to the airport to receive his fiancée who comes from China, the beautiful Miao Yin.

At that time, a gang of Asian criminals called the lords of death tries to kidnap a small girl who was in place, and then sell it on the black market; but Jack intervenes and manages to thwart the kidnapping of the girl, the gang instead takes the newcomer Miao Yin.

Wang Chi asks Jack to help him pay the bet; both chase the Asian band to the alleys of Chinatown, where they run into a funeral ritual, which ends in confrontation between the Sing and Kong families; In the middle of the dispute, the dreaded trio is nicknamed the three storms, men with powers over natives who control electricity, wind and water.

The dreaded group murders one of the heads of the families faced, Chang Sing; Jack in the middle of despair decides to start his truck at full speed, running over an old man who was on the road, David Lo Pan, seeing what happened Jack stops and gets off the truck but sees the old man standing as if nothing occurred and with a particular magical glow.

Wang takes Jack by the arm and they both run through the alleyways of the neighborhood to avoid being killed; both manage to reach Chi's restaurant where they meet Gracie, Margo, Eddie Lee and the sorcerer Egg Shen; This intrepid group designs a plan to infiltrate a brothel controlled by the Lo Pan mafia where they believe the young fiance Miao Yin may be captive, the trio storms get ahead of them and take Miao Yin to their teacher.

Jack and Wang must now enter the kingdom of David Lo Pan, for this they pose as electricians, but that facade will not last long when they are surprised by Rain, a member of the storms and then be punished by Thunder, who later takes them in front to old man Lo Pan.

There they discover that on the old man lies a curse of immortality and that it is only possible to break it by sacrificing a pure young woman with green eyes, and that is Miao Yin; Both must fight to save Wang's fiancee and recover Jack's stolen truck.

Original title Big Trouble in Little China
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